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Welcome to AKA Soap, where natural beauty meets artisan craftsmanship. We are a small-scale soapery specializing in the creation of high-quality, all-natural handmade soap using the traditional and wholesome ingredient of beef tallow.

Our journey began with a simple mission: to embrace the powerful benefits of nature and combine them with our passion for handmade products. At AKA Soap, we believe that nature provides us with everything we need for nourishment and healing, which is why we stay away from additives, chemicals, or anything synthetic.

Our soaps are lovingly crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality. The star of our ingredients is beef tallow, an incredibly moisturizing and skin-nourishing ingredient that has been used in soap making for centuries. We source our tallow from ethical and sustainable farms, ensuring that our soaps not only nourish your skin but also respect our planet.

We enhance the natural goodness of tallow with a variety of natural clays, known for their gentle cleansing and skin-detoxifying properties. To these, we add a selection of high-quality essential oils, handpicked for their therapeutic properties and delightful aromas. Each bar of our soap offers a holistic experience that catifies the senses, nourishes the skin, and elevates the spirit.

At AKA Soap, we are firm believers in transparency. We want you to know exactly what you're putting on your skin, so we list all of our ingredients clearly on our website for all of our products. We are proud to say that our soaps are free from parabens, sulfates, and artificial fragrances.

Thank you for choosing AKA Soap. We hope our products inspire you to embrace a natural and eco-conscious lifestyle, and we can't wait to be a part of your daily self-care routine.

Thank you for your support and stay clean

AKA Soap